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Bringing Taos Art Back Home, The Albuquerque Journal, February 23, 2020

How a Broken Wagon Wheel Changed the Couse of Art History, Classic Chicago online magazine, September 8, 2019; or see PDF here

Joseph Henry Sharp: A Creative Sanctuary, Western Art Collector magazine, August 2019, pp. 58-63 (Couse Foundation supported the publication of the book written about in the article.)

Success Stories: Couse-Sharp Historic Site: Preserving the past and contributiing to the Future, The Taos News August 1, 2019

 Heart Warmed: Joseph Henry Sharp's years and the Crow Agency in Montana is the subject of the new exhibition at the Couse-Sharp studio in Taos. Western Art Collector magazine June 2019, pp. 130-131

Preservation, A Timeless Pairing, House of the Swallow, Sixth Biennial Gala and Art Auction, Western Art Collector magazine, May 2019

Capturing a vanished era: New biography of Taos artist E. Irving Couse adds to storied history, Taos News Tempo section March 28, 2019 pp. 14-15

The Living City, Western Art Collector magazine November 2018, pp. 52-57

 Taos Contemporary: The Couse-Sharp Historic Site highlights the region's living artists, Native American Art magazine October-November 2018, pp. 92-95

 Of Clay and Mystery, Taos News Tempo section June 29, 2017, p. 40

 Taos Legacy, Western Art Collector June 2017, pp. 114-117

  State of the Art: New Mexico, Western Art Collector May 2017, p. 89

  Looking Sharp, Art & Antiques Magazine May 2017, p. 30.

 Society Scholarship: Taos Symposium, Western Art Collector April 2017, pp. 106-107

 Complete Overhaul, Western Art Collector March 2017, pp. 36-37

Event Preview: Taos Archives, Biennial gala and live auction, Western Art Collector August 2015, pp. 150-151 (727kb PDF).

10 Questions: Window to the Past, Virginia Couse Leavitt, Taos News Tempo, July 9 - 15, 2015, pp.10 -11 (1.6MB PDF).

Up Front: Six Men and 100 Years, Taos News Tempo, July 9 - 15, 2015, pp. 4 and 6 (1.7MB PDF).

Perspective: The Taos Society of Artists, Western Art and Architecture August/September, 2015, pp. 84 - 90 (4MB PDF).

Historical Society to honor Virginia Couse Leavitt at annual meeting, Taos News, April 23 -29, 2015, page B7 (2 page 121kb PDF).

Western Art News: A Century Later, Western Art Collector, April 2015, page 38 (865kb PDF).

The Taos Society of ArtistsOnView Magazine, October/December 2014, pp. 60-75 (822kb, 5-page PDF).

Weekend in Taos at the Couse-Sharp Historic Site,  Gerald Stiebel blog Missives from the Art World, 14 Sept. 2014

Auction Preview: Santa Fe kick-off, Western Art Collector, pp. 122 - 125, August 2014 (526kb, 4-page PDF).

Taos Art Colony Legacy, Taos Magazine, July/August 2014, pp. 8-11, (1.4MB, 4-page PDF).


Auction Preview: Trail of Russells, Western Art Collector, pp. 120-127, July 2014 (560kb, 5-page PDF).

All in the Family: Taos's Couse Foundation by Betsy Thomas
Fine Art Connoisseur, May/June, 2014 (573kb, 2-page PDF).

The Couse-Sharp Historic Site, State of the Art: New Mexico,
Western Art Collector, May, 2014 (222kb, 1-page PDF).

Museum Preview: Collecting the West, Western Art Collector, pp. 110 - 111, January 2014 (204kb 2-page PDF).


Couse in the Pacific Northwest by Tempo staff,
Lecture by Dr. Steven L. Grafe explores little known aspect of Taos Art Colony founder. Tempo/Taos News, September 19, 2013 (381kb, 1-page PDF)

Perspective: Ahead of Their Time by Barbara Sparks and Alan Olson,
Western Art and Architecture, August, 2013 (1MB, 5-page PDF)

Event Preview: Historic Preservation Western Art Collector, August 2013 (414kb, 2-page PDF)
The third biannual Couse Foundation gala and art sale is set for August 31...

Couse on the Columbia by Dana Joseph
Cowboys & Indians, July 2013 (424kb, 2-page PDF)