The Couse Foundation / Board and Staff

Alan J. Olson, Founder - Boulder, CO and Palm Desert, CA

Board of Directors

Carl Jones, Chairman – Taos, NM
Retired Austin Attorney, who specialized in large corporate transactions and international joint ventures.

Richard Rinehart, President – Taos, NM
A professional management consultant focusing on strategic planning and leadership development.

Virginia Couse Leavitt, Secretary – Taos, NM and Tucson, AZ
MFA art historian and granddaughter of E. I. Couse.

Kristin Bender – Taos, NM and Denver, CO
Experienced fundraiser with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Marketing.

Dustin Leavitt – Tucson, AZ
Artist and writer. Former university professor and exhibitions designer for The Center for Creative Photography.

Tony Skvarla – Taos, NM
Retired Account Executive with JP Morgan.

Barbara Sparks – Colorado Springs, CO
Well-published and well-collected fine art landscape photographer with an emphasis on New Mexico and Colorado.

Officers & Staff

Holly Azzari, Vice President and Volunteer Coordinator  – Taos, NM
Retired legislative aide and political campaign coordinator in Los Angeles.

Davison Packard Koenig, Executive Director / Curator – Taos, NM
Formerly the Curator of Exhibits at the Arizona State Museum in Tucson, AZ, the largest and oldest anthropology museum in the Southwest. MFA in Museum Exhibition Planning and Design; BA in the Anthropology of Art.

Marissa M. Hendriks, Archivist / Collections Manager – Taos, NM
Former manuscripts cataloging librarian and digital projects manager at the University of Pennsylvania’s Rare Book and Manuscript Library. BA in Medieval Studies and English, post-baccalaureate work in Ancient Greek and Classical Latin, and Master’s in Library and Information Science.

Regina McAskill Scherffius, Program Manager  – Taos, NM
Former government and corporate communication manager and director. Book and publications editor, aspiring novelist, screenwriter, and photographer. Bachelor of Journalism in news and public affairs.