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The Life and Art of Joseph Henry Sharp


The Life and Art of Joseph Henry Sharp
Peter H. Hassrick
with Marie Watkins, Sarah E. Boehme, and Kelin Michael
Published by the Whitney Western Art Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West

in association with The Lunder Research Center at Couse-Sharp Historic Site
164 pages, 8.5 x 11
129 color and B&W images

Offers fresh perspectives on who Sharp was, how and where he was trained as a painter, why he selected the nation’s western Native population as a primary subject, what impact his imagery had on audiences across the continent, and how his production as a painter of what he referred to as the "real Americans’" differed from that of his contemporary peers.

In addition, the Buffalo Bill Center has produced an online catalogue of some 700 examples of the artist’s paintings held in public collections.